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Bride Tips: Relax & Recharge During the Holidays

The holidays are literally right around the corner and there's already stress trying to make sure all your Amazon packages get delivered on time or if you are one of the brave ones, getting to the mall before Christmas. To top it all off, you are stressed about planning for your wedding in 2018. Listen up... Take.a.break.from.planning.

I suggest giving yourself at least a 1 week to uncharge, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends during this holiday season. It's so easy to get caught up trying to finish everything and before you know it, the holidays are over and you're back at work, tired as ever. It's so not worth it!

Below are a few basic tips to ensure you don't over stress and enjoy this holiday season: 

1. Make a list: Write down all of the wedding tasks you want to get done once you are back to planning. Keep this list handy and keep adding to it as you think of things. That way, you aren't attempting to complete each task as they pop in your head. If  looking at your massive to-do list is going to stress you out, then don't! Give yourself 1 hour to think and write down as many things as you can and then put it away :)

2. Do something you enjoy everyday: This doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. It can be as simple as reading a good book, watching a basketball game, or even going to get a pedicure. Honestly, I think this is something everyone should try to do every day anyway, but make a conscious effort to do it during your week free of wedding planning. :)

3. Write a note: It's so easy to get caught up in the wedding planning and forget to enjoy the process or the person we are marrying. Everyday, for one week, write 1 reason why you are looking forward to marrying your fiance'. That way you'll have these reminders when they are driving you nuts. ;)

4. Find a way to relax: Get a massage, go to a yoga class, or read a boo.  Whatever is relaxing to you, DO IT. Take care of yourself. If you're anything like me, pour yourself a glass of wine, get a bath bomb, and sit in the tub! I'm already married, but I'm going to make sure this happens during the holidays. 

Take a break and recharge! Get back to planning after the new year. It'll be waiting for you ;)

Happy Holidays!

Dessie Hammond