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Tips for the DIY bride- Apps

which wedding app should you use??

I've tested out some of the wedding industries most popular apps. See what I thought about them!  








There are countless apps available now that will guide you in the direction of booking all of you vendors, creating a budget and timeline, and even organizing your seating chart. However, often times they can be quite overwhelming! Brides may only use one app to plan her entire wedding or a combination of apps that best fits her needs. Check out the list below of my favorite wedding apps!

1.  Lady Marry-   I love the easy-to-use interface of the Lady Marry app. It includes a check list of to-do's that allow for a section to edit and take notes. This app also allows for you to create a wedding registry from amazon.com, which is pretty cool and convenient! Additionally, it partners with "Thumbtack," an app that will put you in contact with local vendors based on your budget, number of guests, wedding date, etc. One thing that really stood out for me with this app, was that you can enter, save, and make adjustments to your guest list. You can confirm their attendance and even assign them a table number right from your phone! This comes in handy when you're trying to make last minute changes and may not have access to your computer. It makes it super convenient to have it all in one place. I remember having moments of "OMG! We almost forgot cousin Susie!" This app allows for you to not forget anyone! Check it out. Rating 9/10

Con: The complexity of the app will sometimes cause it to freeze while in use. This can be super frustrating. However, it doesn't happen often and with all of the great things to offer, it's still one my favorites.   

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2. The Knot- This app is very similar to Lady Marry based on what it offers. It's very robust in the information it provides and a good one-stop-shop if you are planning your own wedding. The Knot is extremely popular and has been featured in magazines, blogs, bridal websites, among many other sites. With this site, you're able to manage your guest list, make a budget sheet, find local vendors, get wedding ideas & advice, make and manage your wedding website, and even shop for wedding related decor and gifts. This app seriously seems to have it all. Although, it can also be a bit overwhelming. I feel like it's easy to get caught up reading all of its content rather than actually planning the wedding! It's a great place to start if planning your own wedding. I found that when using the checklist, it doesn't allow you add your own personal "to-do's." It has an extremely detailed checklist, but there things not on there that I needed to complete and had to have a separate list to ensure I didn't forget them. Definitely a pain in the butt!  While Lady Marry has paired up with Thumbtack to make it convenient to find vendors based on your budget, you have to do a little more work on The Knot to get the same information. It's all on their website, but not as straightforward.  Rating 8/10

Con: Sometimes this app drops out, as well. They do not do the leg work of finding vendors in your budget like Lady Marry does. 


3. Wedding Checklist Guide- This is an extremely simple app to use. I actually used this app when I first got engaged. I wanted a simple and "to-the-point" list of everything that needed to be completed during the 9 months I had until my wedding. There is no fluff or or special tools with this app, but great for those who are looking for big picture. This is great for brides who may find more intricate apps overwhelming. If you are a bride and have your own vendors in mind that you want to use and don't need the bells and whistles the other apps offer, this is a great option! Another great perk of this app is it allows you to edit your to-do checklist according to your timeline, which is extremely helpful. Rating 8/10

Con: If you are looking for details, this is not the app for you. It is literally just a checklist.


These are my top 3, but by no means exhaustive. What do you guys think? I would love to hear what apps you find helpful and hear other useful apps out there. Please feel free to comment or share this information with anyone who may need it. 

Good luck on your wedding planning! - Dessie

Dessie Hammond